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How to install Microsoft Windows 98

How to install Microsoft Windows 98.
How to install Microsoft Windows 98.
Below are the steps required to install the standard version of Microsoft Windows 98 and the Second Edition of Windows 98. It is important to realize that some computer manufacturers may have their own install of Windows 98, therefore the below steps may not all apply to how Windows 98 is installed on your computer. If the below steps do not apply to your computer's setup of Windows 98 and you are unable to determine how to install Windows, it is recommended you contact your computer manufacturer for additional help; Computer Hope will not how to install Windows using your manufacturer CD.
  1. If you have not already, you may wish to read through the checklist on erasing the computer and starting over.
  2. From the MS-DOS prompt, switch to the CD-ROM drive; commonly this is the D: drive.
  3. Once in the CD-ROM drive, type cd win98 and press enter.
  4. Once in the WIN98 directory, type setup and press enter.
  5. Press Enter to start the check and this should start the Microsoft Windows 98 setup installation. Microsoft Windows 98 will start by checking the hard disk drive for any errors; once completed, press the Continue button to start the installation.
  6. If you agree with the Microsoft Windows 98 license agreement, check I accept the Agreement and click the Next button.
  7. If you are installing Windows 98 SE, Insert your Microsoft Windows 98 SE product key.
  8. If you are using the Microsoft Windows 98 SE upgrade CD, you may be prompted to insert the original Windows 98 CD or point to the Windows 98 setup at this point.
  9. Windows 98 will then prompt you to where you wish to install Windows 98. Unless you wish for a different directory, leave it at the default C:\Windows directory and click Next.
  10. Choose the setup you wish to do; most users will wish to remain with the Typical setup. Once the setup has been selected, click the Next button. If you have chosen a setup other than Typical, the below steps may not all apply to your setup.
  11. Choose Install the most common components (Recommended) and click Next.
  12. Enter the computer's Identification, if you do not plan on connecting to the computer to a network you can leave the default data and click Next. This information can also be entered later.
  13. Enter your location and click Next.
  14. Click Next to create a startup disk.
  15. If you do not wish to create a startup disk, Click Cancel, otherwise put a blank diskette in the computer and click Ok.
  16. Click Ok when prompted to remove the disk.
  17. Click Next to start copying files.
  18. Once ready, click Ok to restart the computer. Make sure if any diskette is in the computer that it is removed from the computer.
  19. If you are installing the original Windows 98, you may be prompted for the Product key after the computer restarts; insert your Windows 98 product key and click Next.
  20. Continue through the remainder of the setup answering each of the questions.
TipAfter Windows has been successfully installed we highly recommend you update Windows with all the latest updates.
Installing Windows

(Step 01)
You need to make sure that you have the BIOS/Startup, so that the CDROM drives boots before the Hard Drive. To do this, you need to enter the BIOS/Startup by pressing: ESC, F1, F2, or DEL. Usually during POST (boot up) there should be something on the bottom stating on how to enter the BIOS/Startup. Press the button that it says to press or try one of the above until you enter BIOS/Startup Menu. Now using the arrow keys, there should be a tab that says, Startup/Boot Order. Under that should be a list with a list of options, make the 1st Boot - Floppy/3.5 Floppy, 2nd Boot - CDROM, 3rd Boot - Hard Drive, 4th Boot - Other. Place the CD in the CDROM Drive, save and exit the BIOS settings.

(Step 02)
Posted Image
After exiting the BIOS the computer will restart. You will get the above screen after the computer finishes POST. Select Boot from CD.

(Step 03)
Posted Image
After selecting Boot from CD the above screen will come up. Select Start computer without CD-ROM support.

(Step 04)
Posted Image
When if finishes loading, you will see the above screen with A:\. Type fdisk and then press enter. This is how the screen should look:


(Step 05)
Posted Image
You will come to the screen above. Press Enter.

Posted Image
After that you will come to this screen, press 1 then Enter.

Posted Image
You will then come to this screen, press 1 then Enter.

Posted Image
Now the program will check the Hard Drive, and then will make the partition. Press Y then Enter.

Posted Image
After that is done you will come to this screen, press ESC. You will then come back to the black screen with A:\. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. This will restart the computer.

(Step 06)
You will then come back to the Boot Select Screen. Select Boot from CD-ROM.

(Step 07)
Posted Image
Select Start computer with CD-ROM support. The computer will now have CDROM support; you will come to the black screen with the A:\. Now type D:\WIN98\format C:

This is how the screen will look:

A:\D:\WIN98\format C:

You will be asked if you want to proceed with the format. Press Y, and then Enter. Depending on the size of the Hard Drive, this may take a while. After it is done formatting, press Enter (Do not enter a label).

(Step 08)
Posted Image
Now it is time to start the install of Windows 98. After pressing Enter, you should be at the A:\. Now type D:\WIN98\setup. This is how the screen should look:


Before the install can start the Windows 98 setup need to check the Hard Drive. Press Enter, this also takes long time depending on the size of the Hard Drive.

(Step 09)
Posted Image
After scandisk has finish, and the files have been copied, you will come to this screen. Click Continue.

Posted Image
Select C:\Windows, and then click Next.

Posted Image
Select Typical, and then click Next.

Posted Image
Select Install the most common components, then click Next.

Posted Image
This here is optional; change the values for Computer Name, Workgroup.

Computer Name: MyComputer
Workgroup: Home

After you have made the changes, click Next.

Posted Image
Select your location, click Next.

Posted Image
Click Next, you can choose to make a Windows 98 Startup Disk, if so then insert a floppy then click OK, if not the click Cancel.

Posted Image
After the Startup Disk is completed, if you choose to make it, click Next to start copying Windows 98 files.

Posted Image
After the files have finished copying, remove the Windows 98 Startup Disk, and click OK to restart the computer.

(Step 10)
Posted Image
You will come to the Boot Select Screen, select Boot from Hard Drive.

Posted Image
The next screen you will see will be the Windows 98 Splash Screen.

Posted Image
Enter the User Information, and then click Next.

Posted Image
Read and agree to the EULA, then click Next.

Posted Image
Enter the Windows 98 Product ID/Key, and then click Next.

Posted Image
Click Finish.

(Step 11)
The computer will restart, select Boot from Hard Drive. The Windows 98 Splash Screen will come up. Windows is now finishing the last minute settings.

Posted Image
During those last minute settings, you will need to set the clock. Once done, click Apply then OK

Posted Image
The Windows Install is also most complete, and after it finishes the computer will restart.

(Step 12)
For the last time the Boot Select Menu will come up, select Boot from Hard Drive. The Windows 98 Splash Screen will appear; after it goes away Windows will install any drivers need.

Posted Image
Congratulations, you have installed Windows 98.
Deleteing Partitions

(Step 13)
To delete a partition, when at the A:\ type fdisk. This is how it should look:


When in the fdisk program press Enter. Press 3, if there are any Logical they have to be deleted before the Extended. Before the Logical partition can be deleted the Extended partition has to be deleted. When all of the partitions have been deleted then exit the fdisk program and restart the computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. To finish the install of Windows 98 goto (Step 02), read the last sentence.
Recovering Windows Product Key

(Step 14)
To recover the Windows Product Key:

Start -> Run -> type regedit

This will open the Registry Editor. From there navigate to:


Click on the CurrentVersion folder, and on the right pane there will be a key that says ProductKey. There will be a 25 digit key(both numbers and letters), copy it down. If you still cant find it, then:

Edit -> Find

Type ProductKey in the find box and click Find Next.

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